Sunday, January 20, 2008

2nd Week Discoveries

So I feel I owe an update; last week I discovered:

-my roof leaks (a little leak but it was very surprising for the desert- but then I've been told it's not that uncommon given the level of craftsmanship here)
-my washing machine doesn't work (at first I thought I couldn't decipher the non-labeled symbols-nope, it simply won't spin)
-my class has swelled; from 10 to 17 (two other students added today- so I'm expecting 19 tomorrow)
-never go to the mall on a Friday night (Americans in general have no true concept by the phrase 'sea of humanity')
-the car has no windshield fluid and I haven't found any (only distilled water; I've since been told that I have to get refilled at the car shops next to the petrol station)
-the best bread in town is from 2 cafe/bakery places in the Villagio mall
-this is maxi-pad country, with tiny stocks of OB for the expats (Grr. Note: ladies traveling/living abroad- make sure to get correct information about the female necessities availability before you travel...)
-this air/climate/humidity/something really dries out your skin
-electric stoves make excellent makeshift heaters
-halogen space heaters are better than the other space heaters because they are less of a fire hazard but- ha- they're very, very bright- I feel like I'm in the movie 'Sunshine' or something.
-my apartment gets very dusty, very quickly
-take the left (inner) lane of the roundabout; that way you have the right of way and only have to worry about one set of cars to your right
-this town (especially if you only seem to see expats) is really quite small and you run into the same crowd at similar functions
-apparently Darbi and I are heading to Jordan in February
-it's true- you don't need Arabic to live here

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  1. Hi Rose! I miss you! Sounds like you are having tons of fun adventures, though.